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World Class

„Racing beast“

Drivers with this rating are those ones who are the most superior in every race. It's especially true if they have this rating in overall ranking for the particular car. If your rating is any lower, it's practically impossible to beat them in some longer race.



„Very advanced driver“

By having this rating they confirm their extremity. Under the certain circumstances (mostly if the race is short, or if there is no many „World Class“ drivers in the race) winning of these drivers is nothing less than the most common case.


Very Good

„Pretty fast driver“

Performance of drivers with this rating is very promicing even though they 'll still hardly get a podium. This is the line that splits two big categories of drivers – the extreme ones and the other ones. Try to cross it!



„Driver with respectful performance“

They are mostly able to actively participate in the fight for important positions of the race.



„Just another driver“

Well, at least we can say these drivers mastered the basics of the car handling. If you're the one of them, try not to stay there forever.



„Slow one“

We are sorry, but this rating is reserved for the players whose performance just can not satisfy our requirements. In order to get your rating better, we suggest you to be more patient; try different driving styles or different driving lines. Otherwise, you 'll be always glued to the back of the grid in every serious race.


Very Poor


If you really got this rating by driving a lot of laps, we strongly recommend you just to give up. You can always try PunaBall or something. Maybe it's sunny day outside?



"More information needed"

Probably  just another female who got her brother's PC and enjoying in the male's world while pretending to be one of them. If you think we described you badly, then give us more info.



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