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Who we are

We are team of Wankers and Rough Bastards.

We are group of drivers who enjoy playing TS on pretty the same way. This team is gathering drivers who are addicted to fighting for fastest laps (aka Wankers), or who are addicted to fighting in full contact races (aka Rough Bastards). Also, we like all other racing competitions which are nicely organized. You can recognize our all members by [x] tag that they have in front of their nicks. xTreame Team doesn't have a team leader. All members are having equal rights. We are not afraid of ghosts; we are not afraid of chaos.

We are xTreame Team! 

You can read more about us on our TS forum post.


How to join us


  • First of all, our all members have to fallow some basics of nice behaviour. We will never give any chance to player who doesn't respect racing rules. Also, all members have to be polite out of races - during the chat, or forum discussions. Making nasty jokes is allowed only with a well known players.  
  • While we were creating our team, we strongly decided to be more strict about all requirements that same new member needs to match. xTreame Team is the first team which explicitly says that it cares about its members' driving skill. Even if you really enjoy playing TS on the same way as we do, and even if we are pleased with your behaviour, that still doesn't mean that you're our guy. You 'll, also, have to prove that you're able to reach some respectful lap times. 
  • xTreame Team doesn't care much about its member's online activity, but it's always better if they play a lot, or if they fallow all forum discussions. Also, it's good to stay in touch by using some IRC client, or just by private messages on TS website.
  • All the current [x] members have to agree with allowing a new driver to join the team.
  • There are 2 ways of how to join us:
  1.  If you think that you match all requirements, you can apply for a membership. Just send a private message to any of our members.
  2.  We always keep our right to offer membership to any of drivers that we found suitable for our team. In that case, we will contact you.



Team Members (5)

 AlexNovo (joined 24.4.2011.)

 Whiplash (joined 24.4.2011.)

 Mike Nike (joined 9.7.2011.)

 Stylus (joined 24.3.2012.)

 Sig (joined 12.6.2015.)




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